Penataaan Ulang Wilayah Kerja Resort Menggunakan Spasial Multi-Criteria Analysis

( Case study in Gunung Ciremai National Park)
The first stQ of effectiveness national park using resort-based management (RBM) system is sü•ucturing management unit area. The goal of RBM is to run management of effectively and more systematic by dividing the area into management units which is support staff of pa•k working profesionals in fixed area. RBM applied in Gunung Ciremai Natioanl Park (GCNP) since 2009 however the system not support management optimally. Based on evaluation management effectiveness in presenting low value with score of effectiveness 38 from the highes score 100, shows that implementation management not yet affect optimaly, for the reason management of TNGC need evaluation of RBM implementation. Step of RBM implementation including improvement management unit area, sfrengthening institutional and developing nafonal park system information. This study focuses at improvement management unit are as ft.ndamental aspect in management (RBM).
To improvement management unit area require various criteria such as of the region’s natural resotn•ces, social and economic aspects as well as aspects of resource management organization. Naüonal park is a common pool of resources with unique characterisücs where the interests of the various parties, ecological interests also included in the national park ecosystem. For the some reasons the study using multi-criteria analysis with Spatial AHP method. The methods integates the physical characteristics of the region and important aspects of park management to make decision.
The result present five criteria to improvement management unit of GCNP and the criteria consisüng of physical criteria, potential threats, ecological, economic and socio-cultural. The result of spatial-AHP analysis from experts judgment comparison presenting the weight for each criteria was: physical (0.29), threat (0.36), ecology (0.14), the economy (0.07), and social (O , 13). Evaluation of management unit area in GCNP based on the weight of each criteria presenüng revision number and extent of the work area from 11 to 5 area with various extents as follows: Resort Pasawahan (4112 ha); Resort Cilimus (3891.6 ha); Resort Cigugur (2054.3 ha); Resort Sangiang (1913.7 ha), and the Resort Argalingga (3024.5 ha).
Keywords: a management unit area planning; GIS; criteria and indicators.

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