Identifikasi Faktor Penyebab Kebakaran Hutan dan Upaya Penanggulangannya di Taman Nasional Gunung Ciremai Jawa Barat

Currently, the condition of Indonesian forest is quiet poor due to, among others, high annual deforestation rate which is not in compare with the acceleration of implementations on forest and land rehabilitation activities including re-greening, reforestation and reclamation activities conducted by many parties such as government, private sectors and cornmunities. The condition is worsened by the occurrence of forest and land fires in many places which lead to significant decline of biodiversity. In Mount Ciremai National Park (MCNP), forest fire is the main cause of deforestation. The records of forest fire occurrence are very important in forest fire control, because it provides the origin and causes of forest fire. Without knowing the cause of forest fire accurately, forest fire control activities may not be implemented optimally. Therefore, identification on factors of forest fire causes shall be conducted in detail in order to effectively decrease the rate of forest fire.

This research was conducted on July to August 2008 in Mount Ciremai National Park, West Java. The method implemented was qualitative approach that can be considered as triangle method covering intensive interview, field/direct observation, document tracking and secondary data analysis.

The research results show that all forest fire occurred in Mount Ciremai National Park is caused by human factor, both directly and indirectly. On direct factors, forest fire is caused by land clearing using fire for agricultural purposes and fire ignited by irresponsible person. Indirect factors mainly due to social jealousy and human activities in the enclave. In addition, some other factors that influence the occurrence of forest fire in MCNP were also found, among others are fuel, topography, hydrology, weather, climate, time of occurrence, decision making process, lack of warning and forbidden boards, awareness of local communities and related private sectors.

Key words: Forest Fire, Direct Factors, Indirect Factors

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